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COSA member Bio - Allan Byer


1.....Member name - Allan Byer

2.....Age/ or date of birth - 12/27/1950 , almost 53

3.....How long have you been a member of cosa? - Feb. 1997 joined i think, almost 7 years

4.....Do you write Lyrics/Music or both? - both

5.....What instruments do you play? - guitar, harmonica, musical spoons (second best in the world to Artis the Spoonman), voice

6.....Brief musical history to present...when you got started in music, places you've played, media exposure, awards etc. -

Allan Byer - Central Oregon’s Everyman Singer/Songwriter


In an era when popular music seems dictated more by goofy sounding names than substance, it’s heartening to encounter an Artist that takes his role in the world, his voice and his vision, seriously, who dares to imagine that art can matter in the unglamorous world of everyday survival, and that the every day world bears artistic expression. One such artist is Central Oregon singer/songwriter guitarist Allan Byer.

For over 20 years Byer has crafted his songs of love, wonder, suffering and hope with a power and eloquence matched by few of his contemporaries. He can comment on the spiritual search or poke fun at fast food or political injustice with equal ability. Always grounded in compassion for the human condition, at his best, like any valued poet, Byer reflects back to us our own struggles to transcend our narrowest sense of what is humanly possible and to envision the world as it could be. At the core of his work is a profound reverence for life and the gifts of this world. He explores the possibility of seeing the world as it is and not losing heart.


Bend’s Source calls his music “an eclectic mix of rootsy instrumentation and harmonies that breaths fresh air with wide-reaching inspirations providing a night full of originality and character.”

The Redmond Spokesman says, “Allan Byer is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter who plays a smokin’ guitar.”

The Source later says, “Local groover Byer delights listeners with his refreshingly original acoustic folk rock sounds.”

The Bend Bugle says, Allan Byer and his group provide a night full or originality and character.”

Bend Bulletin’s Andy Whipple says of Byer‘s debut cd “He delivers a pleasant surprise. It’s a declaration of faith and self-confidence, proving up on the optimistic claim staked out in the title (“Sometimes It Works). “ Byer shows his best stuff as a songwriter in tackling the issues of a woman’s love, a higher love, physical & spiritual fulfillment and adds a quiet deeply personal reference in his title track: ‘If I let that higher power move in me, I find that ocean not too hard to sail. Everyone’s at home there; everyone gets to get well.’”


Byer touches all the bases with a little bit of Blues, Folk, Country, Rock, and Jazz.


Byer has played over 100 paid gigs each year since 2000. His current preferred musical format is in Trio with featured soloist Dr. Marc Sackman on flute and Hal Worcester on bass and harmony vocals. He often plays as a Duo with Doc Sackman or hot-licks guitar player singer Matt Engle. And some venues still prefer him as a solo act on guitar, harmonica, and vocals.

Venues played include: in Bend: O’Healy’s Pub, Kayo’s East, Summer Fest, Fall Fest, Winter Fest, Parks and Rec’s Pumpkin Patch, Wild Oats and Royal Blend‘s Concert Series, Cafe Paradiso, Wall Street Cafe, Brad‘s, Bend‘s Community Center; in Redmond: Sweet Water’s, Harris Wine Cellars, the Deschutes County Fair (5 yrs.), Concerts on the Green (5); in Sisters Saturday Markets, Antique Fairs, Harvest Fairs, and Western Days Celebration; in Prineville: Crook County Fair, Horseshoe Tavern; in Madras: Collage of Culture (2); in the Willamete Valley: numerous Eugene Saturday Markets and Cafe Paradiso; in Cottage Grove: Bohemia Mining Days; in Tillamook County: the Fern Lounge, Art Space in Bay City. Byer has also played countless COSA songwriters showcases and performed benefits for worthy causes throughout Central Oregon.

Awards & Air-Play

Byer has been the featured guest on KLRR 101.7’s Homegrown Music Showcase three times since Aug. ’99 and has had several of his songs played on that station regularly. In Eugene, he has had considerable air-play on KLCC’s folk music shows and “Blues Power.” He also appeared on COTV’s Good Morning Central Oregon three times as a special musical guest in 2003 and songs from his cds are used as seques between features on the show.

Byer has won ten Song of the Month awards as part of Central Oregon Songwriters Association and took a “Folk Song of the Year Award” with his song “Storm” in 2001. His debut cd “Sometimes It Works’ was produced at MirrorTime Records in Prineville and released in jan. 2000. His current cd, “Your Voice,” is in production at Musi-Tech Studios in Redmond.

Musical Influences and Heroes

Artis the Spoonman, Bruce Cockburn, Jackson Browne, Dean Prescott, and The Substitutes.

7.....Do you see yourself as a beginner, advanced.....or a seasoned songwriter? - seasoned by now i hope, have played professionally on and off since Feb. 1978 debut with Craig Sorseth at the Feedmill Bar in Eugene, OR.

8.....What syles of music do you like/write? - folk, blues, rock, pop

9.....Are you interested in playing in a band/or filling in for someone sometime? - play in my own band, love to sit in with my many musical friends, mostly playing blues harp.

10....How far do you want to go with your music at this time? Have fun locally? Statewide? Regional/National etc. What are your goals? - seeking Regional status currently with the upcoming release of my second album, "Your Voice" in Dec. of 2003, produced at MusicTech Studios in Redmond. Plans are in the works to do an all acoustic album, my third this winter and spring at Mirror Time Records in Prineville with a target release of July 2004. That will complete my current catalogue of songs.

11....Do you have any recorded music? - "Sometimes It Works" album released in Jan. 2000, "Your Voice" to be released in Dec. of 2003, and the third Acoustic album mentioned above in planning stages.

12....What is your interests in cosa? What would you like to get out of it?- more exposure of my songs to a larger audience, and perfecting the art of song-writing, looking for more tools to add to my creative tool chest.

13....Is there anythng outside of cosa that you would like to add to let members know about? -

14....Your contact info. - Allan Byer, 8210 NW Oasis Lane, Redmond, OR 97756

Phone - 541-923-3505

e-mail -

website -



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Allan Byer

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