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COSA member Bio - Autumn Lascurain

Artist description

Autumn is a singer/songwriter who has composed over 90 originals in her short 10 years of writing. Her vocal style is original and amazing and her songs range from New Age to Classical to heart pounding Modern Rock. When you put her vocals and keys together the result is simply phenominal. You won't hear this girl doing any cover songs. Gifted songwriting coupled with incredible performances live or in the studio, great stuff is happening with Autumn! Watch out pop Diva's, Autumn is reaching for your crown and has the talent to take it! Get ready... here she comes!

Music Style

Piano-Vocals. Original.

Musical Influences

Dido, Bjork, Moby, Cranberries.

Similar Artists

Tori Amos-Dido-Sarah M. etc...

Artist History

Born in Corvallis OR, now lives in Bend OR. with her husband.

Group Members

She has performed many solo live shows around Oregon but is now working with some exciting musicians to form a band to back her. This has brought a bright new texture to her writing style and has opened new roads in her melodies.


Piano/keyboard and vocals


Bend, Oregon - USA

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Hal Worcester

Allan Byer

Dennis Jacab

Ellen Jacab

Christen Hawkins

Autumn Lascurain

Lee Tomlinson

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