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COSA member Bio - Christen Hawkins

Christen Hawkins grew up in a musical family and being the youngest, found herself playing assorted instruments when all of the relatives got together to play music from the eras past. She earned a BA in piano and later was certified to teach music in public school. However she enjoyed the one on one arrangement of private teaching even more and taught for over 15 years. She also found time to play in a jazz band in Branson, Missouri, and later, dinner and ski music in Aspen, Colorado.

Since moving full-time to the Bend area Christen has joined the Unity Center of Positive Living and written prolifically for them for the last two years. She was their first music director when they organized in January 2001. Many of her songs are spiritual in nature and can range from bluegrass, to blues to classical. When she joined Central Oregon Songwriterís Association (COSA) she felt like she'd found a second family ready made. Their enthusiasm for writing and sharing songs and the comradeship she found there gave her another avenue for her diverse musical interests. She has written songs centered more on relationships and life, as she sees it, since then. She has finished her first CD "You Send Me Angels" in 2003. The COSA Allstars have helped make the work a community experience. Her title song is also on the Sparrow Club CD.

Bonnie Raitt has been a large influence on Christen's music, and she covers several of her songs. The blues is a touchstone for her, as well as the roots music that she grew up hearing as a child. In college she played mandolin in a jug band, sang in a classical madrigal group and never missed a Grateful Dead concert in Eugene. She is an eclectic musician who may play a jazz ballad from the 1940s, a Sheryl Crow song, a traditional folk song or one of her own, depending on the venue, the people listening and her mood at the time. An enthusiastic musician and dancer she loves good harmonies and combining her talents with others for the joy of the music. Just this spring she was the pianist for the very popular Patsy Cline Review in Bend Oregon.

Says Christen "I would love to put a band together of blues, original music and whatever works that brings joy and fun to life". She has been playing duo with Barry Stranahan and welcomes feedback and collaboration from others, since Barry is busy with his own stuff a lot. "COSA has been a great place to meet fellow songwriters and do good things for the community through music".

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