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COSA member Bio - Lee Tomlinson


1.....Member name - Lee Tomlinson

2.....Age/ or date of birth - 7/1/41

3.....How long have you been a member of cosa? - 2 yrs

4.....Do you write Lyrics/Music or both? - Both

5.....What instruments do you play? - Guitar, nylon and steel, fingerstyle.

6.....Brief musical history to present...when you got started in music, places you've played, media exposure, awards etc.

I learned a few chords from a fellow counselor at a "Y" camp and used the skill to impress girls at keg parties in college. I was approached to join a folk trio with absolutely no experience and very limited skills, but we managed because there weren't any other groups any better in the area (Southern Minnesota). By the end of our three year career we were pretty smooth, had developed some unique harmonies, and were playing every weekend somewhere in a 100 mile radius. We did all covers and traditional stuff. Following college graduation I played for personal enjoyment and relaxation. In the service I sang the Draft Dodger Rag (a Chad Mitchell tune) at a party for senior officers. They laughed a lot, but none spoke to me afterward.

I began writing songs during my first divorce, not necessarily sad stuff, but more to relieve the boredom of living alone. I do instrumentals as well as vocals.

7.....Do you see yourself as a beginner, advanced.....or a seasoned songwriter? - Probably advanced, but not prolific. I'd like the chance and inspiration to write more.

8.....What styles of music do you like/write? - Light, humorous, catchy stuff...story songs

9.....Are you interested in playing in a band/or filling in for someone sometime? - Perhaps...depends on the style

10....How far do you want to go with your music at this time? Have fun locally? Yes Statewide? - Perhaps Regional/National Probably not What are your goals? To entertain myself, and maybe a few others

11....Do you have any recorded music? - Only rank amateur home made stuff.

12....What is your interests in cosa? - What would you like to get out of it? I would like to be inspired by COSA to produce more.

13....Is there anything outside of cosa that you would like to add to let members know about? - I can cook!

14....Your contact info. - Name, address, phone #, e-mail, web page. - Lee Tomlinson



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