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Bio Information

Here is how this works:

Copy the questions below and paste that into an e-mail. Answer the questions on the e-mail and send it to COSA along with a picture, or a link to a picture if possible. We will post that along with any other pertenant information about you as a songwriter and artist. Please make sure to provide your contact info and your current e-mail address if different then the one you sent it from. If you already have a web site or sites, please provide that info also and we will post your links on your bio page. Please send the e-mail ONLY to to avoid confusion or loss of your info.

You may also send your printed copy along with a picture (not returnable) to:


61550 American Ln. #4

Bend, OR. 97702


1.....Member name

2.....Age/ or date of birth

3.....How long have you been a member of cosa?

4.....Do you write Lyrics/Music or both?

5.....What instruments do you play?

6.....Brief musical history to present...when you got started in music, places you've played, media exposure, awards etc.

7.....Do you see yourself as a beginner, advanced.....or a seasoned songwriter?

8.....What syles of music do you like/write?

9.....Are you interested in playing in a band/or filling in for someone sometime?

10....How far do you want to go with your music at this time? Have fun locally? Statewide? Regional/National etc. What are your goals?

11....Do you have any recorded music?

12....What is your interests in cosa? What would you like to get out of it?

13....Is there anythng outside of cosa that you would like to add to let members know about?

14....Your contact info. - Name, address, phone #, e-mail, web page. (remember, the info shown on #14 answer will be shown on the web page so only add what you want everybody to see. Any other contact info please show that on #15.)

15....Your contact info. - Name, address, phone #, e-mail, web page. (will NOT be shown on the web - for COSA info only)


For more information you can email us: