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COSA member Bio - Hal Worcester

1.....Member name - Hal Worcester

2.....Age / or date of birth - 43

3.....How long have you been a member of cosa? - A long long time. I'm a founding member of COSA and a past President.

4.....Do you write Lyrics/Music or both? - Both.

5.....What instruments do you play? - Guitar, Bass guitar, Drums, Piano, Vocals.

6.....Brief musical history to present...when you got started in music, places you've played, media exposure, awards etc. - Started playing Guitar when I was 5 and went from there. I wrote my first song sometime in the late '60's or early 70's, (if I could remember then I wasn't really there, right?). Have played in rock bands in the '80's and toured as a bass player. Now I play in a local band and concentrate on writing and recording in the studio. I've won many songwriting awards and have had respectible airplay from regonal FM radio stations with a couple of my songs.

7.....Do you see yourself as a beginner, advanced.....or a seasoned songwriter? - Seasoned? hell, I'm ripe.

8.....What syles of music do you like/write? - Two answers here, I LIKE rock and blues but I WRITE whatever comes through me. I've been known to twang out a "tear in my beer" song and then crank the amp and play some Ozzy just to get rid of it.

9.....Are you interested in playing in a band/or filling in for someone sometime? - Sure, anything weekdays or on the weekend, I work swing shift at my regular job.

10....How far do you want to go with your music at this time? Have fun locally? Statewide? Regional/National etc. What are your goals? - I would like one of my songs to go national. Short of that local and regional gigs are great. (how much does it pay?....... *G*).

11....Do you have any recorded music? - I don't play the recorder.... Oh, record-ed? Yeah, about 50 originals.

12....What is your interests in cosa? What would you like to get out of it? - That cute little red haired girl in the back row......

13....Is there anythng outside of cosa that you would like to add to let members know about? - I am way into Vintage Fords and own a Mustang parts business.

14....Your contact info. -



Hal Worcester

Allan Byer

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