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COSA is a nonprofit organization founded to promote, educate and motivate members to write, market and improve their skills as songwriters.

We meet on the last sunday of every month at 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM at McMenamins Old St. Francis School located in the heart of downtown Bend on Bond St. Anyone interested in songwriting is welcome to attend our meetings.

At one of our meetings you will find a varied group of songwriters ranging from beginners to experienced professionals. The thread that binds us together is the common love of music and lyrics. All styles of songs are welcome at COSA. You may hear country, hard rock, soft rock, pop, blues, childrens music, religious songs, instrumentals or anything else someone brings in at one of our meetings. We have contact info for publishing, copyrighting, colaberation and studio / demo services.

-----HOW DO I JOIN COSA?-----

Anybody is welcome at a COSA meeting, but to enjoy all the benefits of being a COSA member, you need to join the group. Membership dues are a reasonable 25.00 a year. Members also receive our monthly newsletter "COSA NEWS".

Think of how far your 25.00 will go, when you start sending it around to all the "I'll publish your songs for money" people! If your serious about your songwriting, you need to join COSA!!