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November 2005



Hello and Happy Holidays!

At the October meeting we were happy to welcome Irv Brown for the first of a multi-part presentation about building chords. He has a lot of information to share and provided handouts that should help develop our abilities with the guitar or any other string instrument. Wow, homework!

We officially re-instated Matt Engle back to his post as President. We also thank Rick Miller for his time and dedication in stepping up to the plate while Matt was away. Great job!

October Song Of The Month entries were Maryanne by Steve Owen, Box & Ladder by Matt Engle and Lisa Pollock, Judgment Day by Rick Miller, The War by Hal Worcester, and A Girl Like You by Michael Cooper. Great stuff! The winner was A Girl Like You by Michael Cooper. Congratulations!

In this issue you will find the second installment from Allan Byer, Success is in the Journey not the Destination.

We will see you at the November 27 meeting at 2pm

The Rambler room - McMenamin’s in Bend



comments or suggestions?

contact Darcy at 541-420-0290, ~ or Rick at 541-350-1989




The October meeting of COSA was called to order at 2:15 by acting President Rick Miller. There were 8 members and 2 guests present, and a guest speaker, Irv Brown.

We began with a lecture on building chords given by local guitar player and instructor

Irv Brown. This was the first of a several - part series. Handouts and homework were provided. We are looking forward to further instruction!

Matt Engle was welcomed officially back to his post as President. Many thanks are to Rick Miller for stepping up to the job and keeping COSA moving forward.

A benefit for the Redmond Historical Museum was mentioned, with a call for talent. It was also noted that Nov. 5th is the day for Dennis and Ellen’s home jam.

The Song of the Month contest for October was held, with 5 outstanding songs entered. Members with entries were Steve Owen, Matt Engle/ Lisa Pollack, Rick Miller, Hal Worcester, and Michael Cooper. The winner was Michael Cooper’s "A Girl Like You".

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:45 (oops - forgot to look)

Respectfully submitted,

Darcy Bedortha for Dennis Plant


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