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Smoking Ghost songs in MP-3

Easy Come Easy Go
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Spiritual Alchemy Tracks

1 - 1000 Days

2 - Black Hole

3 - Rain

4 - Easy Come Easy Go

5 - Y2K

6 - Say Goodbye

7 - Savannah

8 - End of the Blues

9 - Justice for the Planes

Smoking Ghost is an original recording band stationed in Bend Oregon. Several of the songs on this album have won awards for songwriting. The track "Easy Come Easy Go" has gotten respectible airplay on regional rock radio stations and localy on "The Twins". The Band has been featured on "Homegrown Music" on KLRR FM which spurred more airplay on the same station. You can download complete cuts from the page link on the left. Check out the new cut "Justice for the planes" a angry hardrock/electronica type tune dedicated to the WTC and Pentagon attacks. Download it now!

Hey, if I had a million dollors I'd buy a brand new car and a brand new guitar and a house high up in the hills with a view of all the city lights and all the people down there would look like ants when I was sitting on my deck sipping margaritas with a lime juce chaser and a bud light on the side just so I could shake it up and blow the foam off the top and have it land on the ants and then the ants would get buzzed and spell out the winning lottery numbers so I would bet ten bucks on the numbers and win so I could say........

Spiritual Alchemy cover is original artwork by Shannon Day.