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After seeing a need to secure hotrods and restored classic cars from theft Vintage Automotive Products has developed the solution. The T-lock is a innovative and high tech answer to combat auto thieves that prey on your vintage car. The T-lock is integrated into an exact replica of the original T-handle shifter in your vintage automatic transmission floor shifted vehicle.

The T-lock works like this: Every T handle shifter has a release button that locks the handle into the Park position by way of a solid metal latch under the floor in the shifter assembly. This latch is operated by the button in the T handle. The T-lock includes a lock assembly that positively locks the release button from being pushed in and therefore locks the vehicle shifter in the Park position. In a vintage vehicle this is of critical importance because the steering may not lock with the key, and the ignition can be hot-wired very quickly either under the dash or from the engine compartment. Once a thief has the engine running on your vintage car, all he has to do is shift the transmission into gear and away he goes..... with YOUR pride and joy!! Think about it, with the T-lock installed the same thief might gain access to your car but after he hot-wires it and cannot shift it into gear, is he going to stick around to find out why? Likely not, especially if the car is in YOUR vicinity!!

The T-lock incorporates a tamper-proof lock assembly that is integral with the handle. It is very unobtrusive and not easily noticed by the prospective thief. It's also not very noticeable by anyone else. This means when you are at the car show, the cruise night, or just running into the convenience store you won't have a big ugly Club or any other goofy device to deal with, in fact you don't need to carry anything extra. You just pull the keys out of the ignition, put the key in the shifter handle and turn it. The handle can be locked with a key in the locked or unlocked position. What about you convertible folks, how many times have you thought about putting the top up, but didn't, when you just wanted to be away from the car for a minute, and then you worried about your car the whole time you were gone? You don't have to worry anymore!

Vintage Automotive Products has invested in modern manufacturing equipment for building the safest and highest quality assembly right here in the USA. Our long term commitment to you, the customer shows in every detail of the manufacturing process. From the high luster chrome plating to the smoothness of the functional moving parts. The T-lock works right the first time, every time, for the life of the vehicle, We guarantee it!


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Vintage Automotive Products
61550 American Ln. Suite 4
Bend, OR. 97702