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Our warranty is very simple......

Vintage Automotive Products warrants that every T-lock is free from all defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner. Should the product fail to operate as expected, or the customer is not satisfied for any reason, they may return the complete undamaged assembly for a complete refund.

Of course any vehicle CAN be stolen if a thief works long enough and hard enough at it. Because of this fact we can not assume liability for any costs or loss associated with the theft or damage of the vehicle equipped with our products or any persons or property that may be damaged directly or indirectly from that theft or attempted theft, or the use or installation of our products.


OK, that was painless wasn't it? In simple terms what that says is that we will replace or repair the T-lock we sold you for any reasonable reason, forever, period! We have that much faith in the quality of our products. If your car IS stolen we will not buy you a new restored BOSS 429 to replace that old ragged out 6cyl coupe, or pay for the 7 cars that were hit in the insuing chase, the tractor trailer that flipped on it's side trying to avoid it careening down a hill, the medical bills of the driver of the truck, his mothers moving expenses because she had to move 3 states to take care of him, or the cost of her cat because she ran away in a Poughkeepsie NY rest area during the move.


Vintage Automotive Products
61550 American Ln. Suite 4
Bend, OR. 97702

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Vintage Automotive Products
61550 American Ln. Suite 4
Bend, OR. 97702