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My Creations

Wanna Ride?
My '90 T-Bird as it will be raced in the SSCA
'70 Fastback Maverick
What Ford Should have built in '70
'65 Saleen Mustang
What if???
BOSS 429 Kia
What more can I say?
James Reed's Project
The REAL '65 Saleen

Tech Stuff

Pertronix Tech
The RIGHT way to wire a Pertronix Igniter
351W or not?
A quick way to tell the difference between a 289/302 and a 351W

Other links

My freinds at the Vintage Mustang Forum

My FE in my truck

This is a quick shot, pre headers, of the engine in my '67 short wide F100. More pictures to follow of more of my vehicles.